6 y/o (Yin x Bailey)

Rumba is that girl! She led the charge in our 2018 debut in the Iditarod and single handedly led us into 7th place and Rookie of the Year. Rumba is a very competitive girl but is also very mild mannered, and at the end of the day, this sweet little girl just wants our love. In our 2nd Iditarod, she showed Tempest the way to Nome when Tempest was just a yearling: “finally a dog that can keep up with me!” Rumba said. She is priceless for training leaders as she is always listening for the next command and will jump right off of a well-packed trail into 2 feet of snow and off into the unknown to please! Rumba could never see the day at Team Can't Stop where she doesn't lead Jessie across the finish line.

turkey rumba_edited.jpg
happy roomba .jpg
rumba in harness.jpg
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rumba river.heic