4 y/o (Clipper x Bailey)

Rouge is a very special girl indeed, exhibiting all of her parents great attributes. She paid her dues leading numerous yearling teams to 300 mile success with handlers, while all along just being a young dog herself. Rouge takes a great pride in leading the charge and has even been known to pout if taken out of lead. She came through in a big way last winter, by joining the Iditarod team just a few weeks before the race. Every mile traveled we bonded closer! After sharing the lead with my best leader ever, Tempest, we knew Rouge would develop into a game changing leader for the future.

rouge rosie_edited.jpg
tundra rouge _edited.jpg
rouge_elim lead 3.jpg
rouge nola go hard_edited.jpg
rouge young pup.jpg
rouge clipper_edited.jpg
rouge iditarod bib.jpg