5 y/o (M. Seavy x M. Seavy)

This girl is a force to be reckoned with! Paige came to us two years ago from Mitch Seavy and has been, without a doubt, the best addition to Team Can’t Stop! She can run with the best of them, including her favorite partner in lead, Tempest! Those two girls charge down the trail, and Tempest has taught Paige her warrior song while they march forward. When she’s not on the line, Paige just wants to get all the love in the world and will not leave our side when she’s free running around. She epitomizes the word loyalty. Paige ran the 2021 Iditarod with Jessie and won a 300-mile race three weeks after the Iditarod. She is rarely taken out of lead during the training season or on the race trail! Perfect Paige has long guaranteed her spot in the main race team for the coming season!

iditarod start _edited.jpg
paige tundra_edited.jpg
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