6 y/o (Jazz x Panther)

Ginny is one of the most dominant and mischievous females in the kennel. She lets everybody know what time it is -- male or female! But on the line, she flips a switch and is crazy to run, always leaping in the air with joy! Ginny is a 3-time Iditarod finisher and a very special girl to us. She comes from a long legacy of dogs that have been with Jessie through his 15 years of mushing dogs going back to his original trap line leader Miguel. Her great grandmother, Rosa, was the best athlete and leader that Jessie's ever had. Ginny ran the Iditarod last year, leading for two of the last runs. Look for her in 2022!

ginny jump 3_edited.jpg
ginny gin gin .jpg
ginny jump 2_edited.jpg
ginny basin iditarod start .jpg