4 y/o (M. Seavy x Schnuelle)

I bought Delta from Iditarod champion Mitch Seavy after the 2020 race. You have to work hard to earn her trust, but once she feels comfortable, this very large furry female will give you all she’s got. A girl like Delta that gives a lot of horsepower! She made my team for 2021. It was a blessing to have her power at the end of the race climbing back over the Alaska Range! Delta just wants to have fun and loves leading through adverse trail conditions. She excels in tougher weather with all of the low maintenance qualities of a true Alaskan Husky. Look for this girl to challenge all the big males for a top spot in the a team!

delta cute.jpg
delta headshot_edited.jpg
delta on the line _edited.jpg
delta solomon sleeping .jpg
delta srat cb300.jpg